How to Make New Years Resolutions Stick

6 Steps To Setting Goals for Yourself This New Year

Every January, millions of us write down our New Year’s resolutions with a renewed sense of optimism. From losing weight to learning a new skill, the goals vary, but the challenge remains the same – adhering to your goals long-term. This year, let’s change that. In this blog, we’ll explore practical strategies that will teach you how to make your new years resolutions stick, so that you can transform your New Year’s resolutions from fleeting wishes to achievable results!

how to stick to weight loss goals

Setting Realistic Resolutions – 6 Simple Tips That Work

Tip 1 – Setting Realistic Timelines – The first step to achieving your New Year goals is setting realistic timelines. Ambitious goals are commendable, but when they’re too large, they become daunting. Break your goal into smaller, manageable tasks and set a timeline for each. This approach not only makes the goal seem more achievable but also allows for flexibility and adjustment along the way.

Tip 2 – Seeking and Utilizing Support – No man is an island, and this holds true for goal-setting. Building a support system can significantly increase your chances of success. Whether it’s a workout buddy, a language exchange partner, or an online community, find your tribe and lean on them. Regular check-ins and shared experiences can make the journey towards your goal less solitary and more enjoyable.

setting realistic new years goals

Tip 3 – Investing in Solutions for Ongoing Problems – Often, our New Year’s resolutions revolve around solving recurring problems. Whether it’s working 1:1 with a coach or subscribing to a meal delivery service for healthier eating, investing in a solution can be a game-changer. Identify the root cause of your recurring challenges and invest in a solution that addresses it.

Tip 4 – Cultivating Small Habits for Big Changes – The power of small, daily habits in driving significant change cannot be overstated. If your goal is to read more books, start with a page a night. If you’re aiming to run a marathon, start with a short daily jog. Over time, these small habits will accumulate into remarkable achievements. Remember, consistency is key.

how to set healthy habits

Tip 5 – Creating and Celebrating Small Wins – Recognizing and celebrating small wins is crucial in maintaining momentum. Set mini-milestones within your larger goal and celebrate when you achieve them. This could be as simple as treating yourself to a nice meal or sharing your progress with friends and family. These celebrations reinforce positive behavior and keep you motivated.

Tip 6 – Maintaining Momentum Throughout the Year – Maintaining momentum is often the hardest part. Life happens, and our initial enthusiasm can wane. To stay on track, regularly review and adjust your goals as necessary. Don’t be too hard on yourself for setbacks. Instead, focus on the progress you’ve made and keep moving forward.

how to stick to your new year resolution

Making New Year’s resolutions stick is a journey of persistence and gradual progress. By setting realistic timelines, building a support system, investing in long-term solutions, cultivating small habits, and celebrating small wins, you can transform your resolutions into tangible achievements. Remember, the goal isn’t to be perfect, but to be better than you were yesterday.

What are your New Year’s resolutions, and how do you plan to achieve them? Share your thoughts and strategies in the comments below. Alternatively, if you have a goal and don’t know how to achieve it, book a free session with us below.


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