How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

You had a mission, “Lose Weight”.  So you create a plan – get into the gym, follow a nutrition plan, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, drink less alcohol;  so that you can lose 20lbs.  You set the goal and achieved it, or came close, so now what?

Why do so many people, after reaching their goal, put the weight back on? And sometimes more!

In our opinion, it’s because of the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY.  

Lifestyle changes, building a healthy relationship with food, and a consistent workout schedule requires accountability to fight temptation and keep us on track.  That is the true formula for sustainable weight loss.

What does accountability look like?

Goal Setting

All clients at Greenlight Oakville meet with their coach, not only when they first start, but 6-12 times throughout the year to identify the goals they want to work towards.  The simple admission of their goals to a coach makes the client accountable for the goal before the next goal setting meeting.

Nutrition, Weight Loss and Lifestyle Mentoring

Working with a Nutrition coach provides constant review of your food logs, and helps with specific challenges you may have due to work, family, or medical conditions.  Professional assistance and an outside view can go a long way when trying to make the right choices every day.


At Greenlight Oakville we track our clients progress on an Inbody.  The Inbody body composition analyser measures body fat, muscle mass, and total body water to gain an accurate reading of what you’re made of (Not just how much you weigh).  This machine provides an amazing snapshot of progress towards body composition goals.  To help keep you accountable, we recommend testing every 1-2 months.

Strength Training

Often misunderstood, strength training 3-4x per week is the best way to maintain lean muscle mass, mobility, and muscle/joint health.  It will allow you to stay active throughout your life, and sustain weight loss.  The most effective way to add strength training to your lifestyle is with a personal trainer.  A professional trainer will create a program based on your individual needs, help your progress at the right time, and hold you accountable to completing your program safely and effectively.

How are you going to keep yourself accountable and finally lose weight?

Book a Free Session at Greenlight Personal Training Oakville.  In this session a coach will take you through a workout and assessment, and then create a personalized plan to help you lose weight for good. 

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